Our Mission...

"To protect the lives and property of our citizens"
"To preserve the peace within our Parish"
"To prevent crime and disorder while continuously guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law"
The Natchitoches Multijurisdictional Drug Task Force (NMJDTF) is a multi-agency task force consisting of 5-Deputies from the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office and 5-Police Officers from the Natchitoches Police Department along with 1-Active Duty member of the Louisiana National Guard Counterdrug Program.
The NMJDTF is the base hub of the Natchitoches S.W.A.T team, Natchitoches ERT Team, Natchitoches K-9 Tactical Unit and Uniformed Tactical Operations. All of these teams consist of members from the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department.
The NMJDTF's primary mission is to identify, investigate and develop cases which ultimately lead to the arrest and seizure of property and assets from local mid to upper level drug dealers.
 NMJDTF Agents travel to local schools, churches, other non profit community service groups and area businesses to teach Drug Identification Classes and In-Service Training classes. NMJDTF regularly teach Drug ID classes to NSU Freshman during Orientation at the beginning of each semester.
In 2008 the NMJDTF handled approximately 685 cases/arrests along with the seizure of drugs, cash and property totaling an estimated quarter of a million dollars ($250,000).
If you would like to schedule a class or in-service training you can contact Asst. Chief Roger Henson at 318-357-7835 or Sgt. Nikeo Collins at 318-357-3855.
If you would like to report drug activity anonymously call 318-357-2248 and remember you do not have to leave your name.