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"To protect the lives and property of our citizens"
"To preserve the peace within our Parish"
"To prevent crime and disorder while continuously guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law"

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office Press Release

Title:  Sheriff Victor E. Jones, Jr. 2012 Inaugural Speech
Date:  06/28/2012

Fellow citizens, elected officials, family, neighbors, and friends, thank you for your attendance today. It is truly an honor and a privilege for me to stand before you to accept the responsibility of serving as Natchitoches Parish Sheriff. I am truly humbled that you have entrusted me once again with this duty. I accept this charge from you and will work diligently every day to continue to lead this Sheriff's Office in a manner that you deserve and have come to expect from us at the NPSO.
I commit to you today with this swearing in, a renewed sense of service to Natchitoches Parish. My deputies and I are committed to serving you in many facets: First, we will continue to enforce the law to protect the citizens by doing everything possible to react to criminal acts as soon as they occur. We will continue to work hard to stop the flow of illegal drugs in our community. Second, we will continue to provide needed community-based services that are aimed at serving our seniors, children, and families...enhancing and improving their quality of life. Hopefully, the result of our efforts will help guide our children to make the right choices when facing a peer pressure situation...or make a senior citizen feel safe in his or her own home...or assist a person who is helping a family member who is trying to turn away from a past drug or alcohol addiction.
I just mentioned a renewed sense of service from the Sheriff's Office. Let me explain...In the upcoming months, I will be announcing a series of new outreach opportunities intended to bring the NPSO home to your neighborhood and community. We will schedule community outreach events and town hall meetings where we can directly hear your concerns and take necessary action to improve your community. I strongly feel that every town, rural area and the city of Natchitoches rate the same level of importance for the professional services that our office provides...whether your concerns are about an issue  over in Kistachie or down the street on Keyser, up in Ashland, out on Black Lake or down in Flora, they are all equally important us. Wherever you call home, we want to serve your needs, be part your community and we welcome your involvement in helping the NPSO make a positive impact.
Additionally, we will be announcing in the near future a series of programs that are intended to engage, or perhaps re-engage, people to be more involved and take a more active role in promoting safety in their neighborhoods.   We will establish new versions of crime stoppers and neighborhood watch programs...we'll encourage neighborhoods to establish associations and help them get it started...we'll offer classes such as women's self-defense classes, new children’s safety programs, promote healthy living and being more physically active in our everyday lives.
By raising my right hand today, I am making it my goal in this new term of office to raise the level of our commitment to the citizens of Natchitoches Parish. I pledge to give you the best service we can offer. But, folks, I can't do it alone. I need the support of everyone in Natchitoches Parish in this endeavor. In order for us to serve and protect to our best ability, we need the active support from, you, the citizens. I need you to report any suspicious activity...to look after your neighbors... and to stay involved and active in your community.
I now direct our attention to the fine folks who deliver our services to the people...who risk their lives everyday...who have to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions in order to properly carry out their sworn duties. I am talking to the more than 200 professionals standing tall in front of me today...the fine deputies of the NPSO. Deputies, you are here today because this entire parish, your shift supervisors, your colleagues and myself are counting on you. You have the important and awesome responsibility to enforce the law in this parish. You know deep in your heart that the pay you receive each month is not only for the work you perform, but for the uncertain duty that you may be called to perform. It takes a special kind of person to know this...and to perform your duties with 100% effort, integrity and professionalism every time you pin that badge on your chest.... Your professionalism and dedication to this job is nothing short of outstanding. I certainly recognize this and I know that the public recognizes it also in the course of you performing your duties throughout the parish.
In this same regard, I challenge you to respond to the call...as you stand before me and about raise your own hand, you are assuming this great responsibility once again. Today, I challenge you to maintain your professional standards of integrity...to remain prepared for the unexpected...and to always remember that we are in the business of serving and protecting our fellow citizens. Your swearing in today is your acceptance of the challenge. I need you...and I have complete confidence in your abilities. In these next four years, I am going to push you...I'm going demand that you excel and deliver...excel beyond what you think is your limit. Together, we will achieve new heights for our goals that we set...and a renewed purpose for our profession. I have complete faith in your abilities and I am proud that you are my partners in serving the people of Natchitoches Parish. Thank you...now let's get to work!

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