Our Mission...

"To protect the lives and property of our citizens"
"To preserve the peace within our Parish"
"To prevent crime and disorder while continuously guarding personal liberties as prescribed by law"

Chief of Corrections Roger Henson
Warden Dean Dove
Cpt. Glen Sers

Opened in 1996 the Corrections Division Facility houses minimum to medium security adult male inmates. The Facility has grown from its initial capacity of 268 Offenders when it was opened to its current maximum capacity of 565 Offenders. The Sheriff's Office Detention Center currently employs 105 Correctional Staff. The detention site includes an education building, work release office, barn, vegetable processing facility, mechanic facility, as well as a storage compound for seized vehicles. This division maintains a specially trained Emergency Response Team equipped to respond to threats of inmate riot and to assist in search and recapture operations.


The Corrections Division operates a safe and secure facility. Offenders are frequently screened for alcohol and drug use. A specially trained Tracking Team is fully equipped and prepared to deal with situations such as offender escape and missing persons. Captain of Security – Captain Derick Turner oversees security procedures for the Corrections Division.


The Corrections Division of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office operates without any tax burden on the citizens of Natchitoches Parish. The facility is funded through appropriations from the Louisiana Department of Corrections and the U.S. Marshal’s Service.


While incarcerated, all offenders are treated humanely. They receive quality health care and medical treatment. Offenders who are in a financial position to do so, are required to provide partial reimbursement for the medical treatment they receive.


A 37-acre vegetable farm provides work for about 30 offenders who help produce food to be prepared for consumption within the facility. Excess vegetables are sold to the public at a vegetable stand near the front gate of the facility. Proceeds from the vegetable sales go into special funds used to benefit the offenders and keep the farm operating.


Religious services are held nightly at the Corrections Division and offenders attend on a voluntary basis. Area pastors from many different denominations volunteer their services for this important opportunity. A popular choir and a skit team made up of offenders travels to area churches upon request.


The Corrections Division offers weekly A.A and N.A. meetings for those offenders who are subject to alcohol and drug addiction.


A mechanic shop managed by NPSO personnel and manned with offender labor maintains the Sheriff’s Office fleet of vehicles for service to the public.

For more information contact:
Calvin McFerrin
Chief of Corrections
Phone: (318) 357-9300